SEO Can Be Bad But Good.

SEO Can Be bad and still be good. I will Demonstrate

and I’m going to demonstrate how horrendous it can be. SEO SEO SEO SEO SEO good. This is going to be a big mess of nonsense (maybe) sentences that I’m going to type. Firstly I'm going to add some transition words. Such as "Secondly" and "such as". Then I’m going to say that every internet marketing company has a picture of a guy with his arms folded like they are shooting a rap music video. This SEO game is kind of a joke. I was just looking at a company that has at least 14 people on hand and i couldn't even find their website on google by typing in the name of their business! They also have YouTube videos with no views, twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts with no followers! But somehow they have thousands of backlinks, and i promise you they have not made one pretty infographic. What the heck are we paying these people for? They want 3-20 thousand dollars up front and they really don’t guarantee anything other than you now have a person that updates twitter and Facebook with pointless tips and promotions. KEYWORD RESEARCH! How boring or good is that? I can’t go after the head keywords because my competition has been in business for 40 years and even though they haven't updated their website in 10 years I’m going to focus on long tail keywords like "search engine optimization strategies for thermal paper manufacturers." Does a single web page about donkeys require a SSL certificate? If the other single page web page about donkeys has one then YES! What about a privacy policy? Does that really matter? RSS Feeds? No thanks. Social Media engagement should be called Facebook and Twitter engagement. Why is writing copy for an Eleven year old the gold standard for readability? Short sentences with words under four syllables? that is preposterous! antidisestablishmentarianism and pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis are too long? What if my article is about a school with the ten commandments on display on an island with an active volcano? In summation if you want to rank on google you will need to master Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Google My Business, and the Google Developers Console. You will also need Google+, and YouTube accounts. And don’t forget to do everything again for Bing and Ask. The following will demonstrate an Example of keyword stuffing but even still for words that are not good. "Still good will demonstrate still good will demonstrate still good will demonstrate"

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"People that don't cheat dont care about winning. - Aaron Davis"

Note: I just installed 3CX PBX on a Raspberry Pi and my son was being silly on the phone..

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